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Japanese Wood and Carpentry
Rustic and Refined
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Jpn. or Foreign
Registration No. 010044491
Title Japanese Wood and Carpentry
Sub Title Rustic and Refined
Author メヒティル・メルツ
Publisher 海青社
Classification 1
G0313 木工事・木構造・ガラス
Date of Pub. 2020/02/15
ISBN 9784860993672
Page 130p
Size 26cm
Contents Note 1 Foreword
Contents Note 2 Acknowledgments
Contents Note 3 Notes on Typography
Contents Note 4 Chronological Table of Japanese Historical Periods
Contents Note 5 Introduction
Contents Note 6 Part I Japanese Carpenters and the Wood They Employ
Contents Note 1 1. Miya-daiku, Temple and Shrine Carpenters
Contents Note 2 2. Sukiya-daiku, Carpenters of Refined Teahouses and Residences
Contents Note 3 3. Tateguya, Joiners of Doors, Windows, and Screens
Contents Note 4 4. Daiku, General Carpenters
Contents Note 5 Part II Facsimiles of Thirty-Two Pages from the Yûyô Mokuzai Shôran Handbook
Contents Note 6 Epilogue
Contents Note 1 Appendices
Contents Note 2 Names of Timber, Trees, and Plants Used in Traditional Japanese Architecture
Contents Note 3 Complete List of Woods Mentioned in the Yûyô Mokuzai Shôran Handbook
Contents Note 4 Maps of Old Japanese Provinces and Modern Japanese Prefectures
Contents Note 5 Glossary
Contents Note 6 Bibliography
Contents Note 1 Index of Timber and Tree Names

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